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CT FoodChain

99 Years (from 1984) | District 5 | Buona Vista

~ Direct Developer Sales. No Agent's Fee ~

CT Food Chain is an innovative development, catering to the processing and packaging of food items. Utilising top of the line cold room facilities, the freshness, quality and value of globally sourced products can be retained in optimal condition. 


The lifts are separated for raw and cooked food items, greatly reducing the chances of cross contamination at the loading/unloading bay.


The premier mezzanine units are located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the building and are designed to support large scale central kitchen operations with the potential for incorporating automation and technology. The Grand Mezzanine is a ground floor unit, while the Classic Module units are located on 5th to 9th floors. The Sky Module units are located on the 4th and 10th floors. Floor to floor heights differ from module to module.

There is a designated bin point at the 1st floor and a dedicated Bin Room is provided in each unit at the 2nd and 10th floors. One floor trap and a grease trap are installed in each unit. Kitchen Exhaust Ducts will also be installed from each individual unit to the roof with cap off for tenant’s connection at high level to draw the air outwards. There are possibilities to amalgamate adjacent units.


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CT Foodchain

CT Foodchain

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